• Website in a Weekend

    The Experience

    The "Website in a Weekend" workshop is a comprehensive and hands-on virtual program designed to empower scientists and researchers in establishing a strong online presence and personal brand identity. Over the course of the workshop, participants will learn the importance of personal branding, explore the benefits of having a personal website, and actually create their own professional websites.


    From planning website content and structure to designing a visually appealing layout, participants will receive step-by-step guidance on crafting compelling content, optimizing user experience, integrating social media, and effectively promoting their websites within the scientific community. By the end of the workshop, scientists and researchers will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to showcase their research achievements, expand their professional networks, and enhance their career opportunities through a well-crafted online presence.

    What You Will Learn

    • Understand the importance of personal branding and its impact on your career trajectory.
    • Discover the key elements of a successful personal website and how to optimize them for maximum visibility.
    • Craft compelling content that captivates your audience and effectively communicates your research accomplishments.
    • Design visually stunning layouts that engage visitors and showcase your expertise.
    • Implement strategies to enhance search engine visibility and increase your online discoverability.
    • Integrate social media platforms to expand your network and amplify your online presence.
    • Navigate website maintenance and analytics to continuously improve and track your impact.
  • "If you stay where you are, you will remain anonymous... the power of visibility cannot be underestimated."

    Binod Shankar & Margaret Cho

  • The Benefits

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    Enhanced Professional Visibility

    Participants will learn how to create a personal website that effectively showcases their research achievements, expertise, and professional contributions. This heightened online presence will increase their visibility within their field and make them more discoverable by colleagues, collaborators, and potential employers.

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    Strengthened Brand Identity

    The workshop will guide participants in developing a distinct personal brand identity. They will learn how to communicate their unique value proposition, highlight their areas of specialization, and differentiate themselves in a competitive academic or professional landscape

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    Expanded Networking Opportunities

    By establishing a professional website and integrating social media platforms, participants can leverage their online presence to connect and engage with peers, experts, and potential collaborators. This expanded network can lead to valuable collaborations, knowledge exchange, and career advancement opportunities.

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    Improved Science Communication

    Participants will acquire skills to effectively communicate their research and scientific findings through their personal websites. They will learn how to present complex information in a concise and accessible manner, engage audiences with compelling content, and enhance their science communication skills.

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    Increased Career Opportunities

    A well-crafted personal website and strong online presence can attract the attention of potential employers, funding agencies, or academic institutions. Participants will learn how to position themselves effectively, highlight their achievements, and leverage their websites to explore new career prospects and funding opportunities.

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    Access to Resources and Support

    Participants will receive valuable resources, references, and templates to continue refining their personal websites and brand identity after the workshop. They will also have the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded scientists and researchers, fostering ongoing support and collaboration.