• Make It Happen Virtual Intensive

    The Make It Happen Virtual Intensive is a professional development experience designed specifically for current graduate students to increase productivity and maximize opportunities for success in and beyond graduate school. Graduate students experience a range of challenges that often go unaddressed and can result in isolation, poor course performance, delayed matriculation or graduation, and lowered self efficacy for program completion. This virtual learning experience is packed with information and useful strategies designed to assist students with navigating common challenges while preparing for the next phase of their careers.


    Week 1: Key Mindset Shifts for Success

    Key goals include embracing a growth mindset, overcoming imposter syndrome, cultivating resilience, building self confidence, and fostering a positive attitude in the approach to graduate school.


    Week 2: Time and Focus Management

    Key goals include indentifying and setting SMART goals, utilizing effective prioritization techniques, employing strategic scheduling practices, overcoming procrastination, and creating an optimal study/work environment.


    Week 3: Career Development and Strategic Planning

    Key goals include identifying personal strengths and opportunities for growth, researching career opportunities and understanding industry trends, setting career goals, and developing a career action plan.


    Week 4: Supportive Peer and Mentor Networks

    Key goals include building a network for collaboration and encouragement, finding the right mentors, cultivating meaningful mentor relationships, utilizing effective

    networking strategies, and giving back and paying it forward by mentoring the next generation of scholars.

  • "I just wanted to say thank you so much. I cannot adequately express how much of a game changer this workshop was. I received more practical skills about how to thrive in academia in that 6 hours [of program content] than I have in all my education so far."

    Graduate Student, University of Saskatchewan

    "This workshop was A++++. I have pages of notes and it has changed my mindset on things I need to change as a doc student... I realized I have been counting myself out prematurely, that instead I have strengths that I've been ignoring and weaknesses that are surmountable. This was like therapy but so much more!... So glad I attended."

    Doctoral Student, Montclair State University

    "It has really energized me and reframed how I should strive to conduct my work and approach my goals. Long-term planning has always been something that I've found daunting, but [this] workshop made it such an exciting experience ...! I already mentioned the benefits of [the] workshop to my PI, and I am recommending [the] upcoming webinar to friends ... I want so many others to benefit from [this] incredible guidance."

    Masters Student, Boston University


    "This program allowed my to critically reflect on my WHY, recenter my personal and academic goals, and actively engage in strategies to promote my long-term success. I found myself facing difficulty with making progress on my Qualifying Paper, and your workshop inspired immense clarity and direction! I am confident the lessons I learned and the connections I gained will allow me to meet my goals and finish the semester stronger than expected!"

    Doctoral Student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Program Components

    Participants who engaged in all program components are now obtaining clarity on their path to degree completion, growing their mentor networks, publishing their own papers, leading their own research teams, and winning more fellowship and grant money than before.

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    On Demand Training Content & Customizable Templates

    Easy to follow lessons that can be accessed on your on schedule, complete with four video trainings, teaching you the step-by-step processes I’ve taught to hundreds of students like you. In addition, you will have access to customizable templates and worksheets to advance your career.

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    Group Career Coaching and Support Sessions

    A combination of mentoring, directed guidance and supportive group advice, these groups provide ample opportunity for you to get your needs met and learn about strategies that have been effective for other students. Come with questions and leave with answers.

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    The"Write Place" Accountability Meetings

    Built in accountability sessions so you can show up to do the deep brain work that will push your graduate school career to the next level. These groups provide ongoing support and the opportunity to connect and network with other students.

  • Transformative Success Stories

    Hear what our former program participants have to say about their experience in the program

    Briana Spivey

    Doctoral Student, University of Georgia

    Aine Dolan

    Graduate Student, University of Saskatchewan

    Myles Bartholomew

    Doctoral Student, Brown University

  • A Message from Your Instructor

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    If you are feeling isolated and lost while navigating academia, having challenges with your advisor, or struggling to finish, you're in the right place. Give us one month and we will provide you with the guidance, resources, and tools you need to break out of that cycle of stagnation and procrastination and move forward with accomplishing your goals in and beyond graduate school.


    Remember, your academic journey is not just about the destination but the growth you experience along the way. Together, we will foster an empowering community where you'll find support, inspiration, and the motivation to unlock your true potential. It's time to embrace the possibilities that lie ahead and embark on this transformative adventure with us. We developed this program just for you because we are invested in seeing you thrive. Join me in the corse and let's make your dreams a reality!

    Dr. Jasmine Abrams

    Founder, Thrive Institue for Professional Development