• Faculty Development Accelerator

    Designed for early career researchers and guided by principles of entrepreneurship,the Faculty Development Accelerator is a 6 week virtual intensive experience through which participants receive weekly training workshops coupled with career coaching sessions for support and accountability. The Faculty Development Accelerator was developed based on data collected from award-winning scientists who have achieved success and impact in alignment with their passions and goals. The purpose of the accelerator is to provide early career academics with the information, skills, and resources needed to use their time efficiently in their efforts to balance research, teaching, service, and leadership. These skills will help them win more grants, publish more papers, and have greater impact in their fields through their research while having enough time left in the day to attend to their wellbeing.

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    Next Cohort Begins: June 2024

  • Career Development & Growth Workshops

    Each weekly 60-minute module offers key insights on designated topic areas (see below). To improve knowledge acquisition, skill building, and outcomes, participants are expected to complete weekly assignments designed to strategically increase productivity.

    Mastermind Career Coaching Sessions

    Supplemental to the training modules, Mastermind Sessions occur once a week with high acheiving scientists and offer participants expert support, accountability, and space for brainstorming strategies needed to advance their productivity and overall success. These sessions occur in small groups and are driven by participant needs.

    Supportive Community & Commraderie

    Join a vibrant and supportive community of like-minded researchers and find the engagement you've been missing. Collaborate, network, and find encouragement among peers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and growth in your career.


    Program Curriculum


    Cultivating a Growth Mindset for Career Success

    This module sets the foundation for participants to visualize the career and life they desire and identify complimentary personal and professional goals, metrics for success, and key performance indicators.

    Strategic Planning: Moving Goals from Paper to Reality

    Many people struggle with taking their plans from paper to reality. With an emphasis on passion-goal-value alignment, this module assists participants with developing plans for success and productivity by identifying strategies and timelines to pursue their goals.

    Improving Your Relationship with Time & Focus Management

    This module reviews strategies for managing competing scientific demands while employing a laser focus to stay on track with goal achievement, avoid over-committing, and accomplish more in less time.

    Establishing Collaborative Partnerships for Publications & Grants

    This module reviews characteristics of productive collaborators, key questions to ask before embarking on a collaboration, and guidelines to optimize interactions and efforts.

    Building & Leading a Productive Research Team

    This module reviews the processes, skills, and competencies involved in assembling, leading, and managing high performing teams in academia.

    Becoming a Principal Investigator Versus a Project Manager

    This module covers strategies for allocating, using, and tracking tangible and intangible resources to accomplish project related goals in desired timeframes.

    Establishing a National Reputation via Scholarly and Lay Media Visibility

    Drawing from marketing research, this module focuses on science informed “visibility building” activities that have the potential to increase citations, invited talks, scholarly leadership roles, and media appearances.

    Collecting & Using Data to Accelerate Your Progress

    The importance of evaluation is emphasized throughout the program. We provide data collection strategies and tools for assessing self-awareness, team effectiveness, project progress, and impact.

    Radical Self-Care in Research Careers

    Though not an individual module, "radical self care" is discussed and promoted throughout the Accelerator with the goal of inspiring reflection and challenging participants to live full and meaningful lives.

  • Program Outcomes & Deliverables

    Upon completion of the program, participants will have the following:

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    Personalized Plan for Career Development

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    Strategies for Establishing High Performing Research Teams

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    Diagnostic of Professional Strengths and Opportunities for Growth

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    Infrastructure to Support Increased Success with Publications and Grants

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    Skills for Building a Mentor Network and Equitable Research Collaborations

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    Academic Time and Attention Management Skills

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    Frameworks and Resources for Successful Project Management

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    Toolkits for Building a National Reputation

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