• Global Health Equity

    Learning Intensive in Cuba

    Ocotber 16 - 23, 2024

    Join us as we travel to Havana, Matanzas, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, and Santa Clara for an immersive global health equity learning intensive to learn about innovative community based and systems level approaches to disease prevention and health promotion.


    Traditional international training opportunities often lack cross-cultural consciousness and a holistic approach to understanding and promoting health. We have reimagined this paradigm to adopt a learner's posture, while offering a unique opportunity for immersive learning in diverse healthcare systems, social structures, and community settings. Cuba serves as an optimal environment for this transformative, revolutionary learning experience. This intensive will be led by distinguished experts from Yale University, Drexel University, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and Civitas Global Educational Services.

  • "We all have something to learn from Cuba - especially those of us who are invested in advancing health and wellbeing among underserved people in low resource communities."

    Jasmine Abrams, PhD

    Founder, Thrive Institutes for Professional Development

  • The Experience

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    Virtual Pre-Program Learning Sessions

    The program begins with a series of pre-program virtual learning sessions and readings designed to equip participants with essential knowledge for their experience on the ground. These sessions aim to provide a basic understanding of Cuba, Cuban health systems, and other pertinent issues.

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    In Country Programming

    This learning intensive includes visits to Havana, Matanzas, Cienfuegos, Trinidad & Santa Clara, Cuba - allowing participants to experience within country diversity while garnering a better understanding of Cuban systems, culture, and history. Each day will have a different theme, designed to help structure the experience and inspire critical thinking.

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    Cultural Exchange & Host Family Experience via Casas Particulares

    Casas particulares are government approved accommodations that provide a comfortable and personalized alternative to traditional hotels, allowing guests to immerse themselves in authentic Cuban culture while supporting local entrepreneurs.

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    Education, Cultural, and Historical Site Visits

    Participants will visit various communities, historical sites, and cultural venues. The itinerary includes tours, educational experiences at museums, universities, and cultural sites in Havana, Matanzas, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos, and Santa Clara. Participants will also attend higher education conference sessions.

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    Daily Processing and Debriefing Circles

    Providing opportunities for collective reflection, these sessions will allow participants to explore their values, biases, and curiosities within the context of diverse health and cultural practices and international engagement. We anticipate these sessions will facilitate heightened awareness, new learnings, and deep reflection.

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    Post Program Reflection Session

    Upon returning home, we will come together to process our experiences from the learning intensive. Through guided discussion and personal reflection, this session will offer a space for participants to deepen their understanding, gain insights, and develop a plan for application of their new knowledge after this transformative journey.

  • Learning Objectives

    • Understand the principles underlying Cuba's healthcare system and its innovative approaches to disease prevention and treatment alongside impact on population health.
    • Identify community-based intiatives aimed at promoting wellness and addressing public health challenges.
    • Explore the interconnections between different health sectors and their role in achieving holistic health outcomes.
    • Identify the significance of intersectionality in understanding and addressing global health disparities.
    • Examine the political determinants of health and their implications for health systems worldwide.
    • Foster cross-cultural understanding and collaboration while engaging with diverse perspectives. 
    • Describe how sociohistorical and cultural context impact public health and perceptions of health and disease.

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    Complete Registration

    If selected for participation, you will be invited to complete your registration paperwork and payment so you can join us for the learning intensive.


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